Complex, hierarchical and large-scale dynamical systems are in the focal center of many new applications in the area of power systems, process control, electric vehicles and aerospace industry. Such applications relate to the growing popularity of online system identification at component-level and system-level, analysis of large complex networks’ data sets, the problems that arise from the interactions among nodes in complex networks such as asynchronization, out-of-sequence measurements and communication-delays.

In the light of aforementioned applications, many of the current challenges in science and engineering are related to complex and large-scale dynamical architectures. These challenges may involve modeling of the interactions of nodes in the system, handling large information data sets collected from variable sources, statistical inference driven from those data sets, design of efficient networks and architectures to handle that information, and designing efficient mechanisms and procedures for analysis leading to decision systems.

Considering these challenges, the vision of this platform is to analyze these complex systems and provide solutions to ensure full observability and accurate handling of their latent parameters. A summary of this vision is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Vision – Core Competencies and Research Collaborators

Research Highlights

  • [05/2007 – Date] On-going 10 years of Research and Development experience.
  • [03/2019 – Date] Won Research-Grant of 55,000 USD as a Co-Principal Investigator in the area of DC Grid.
  • [06/2017 – Date] Won Research-Grant of 30,000 USD as a Principal Investigator in the area of Li-ion batteries.
  • [05/2007 – Date] Funded Projects:
    • 7 research grant-based funded projects
    • 2 industrial research-based funded projects including a project in ARAMCO
  • [01/2014 – Date] Joint Research Proposals with Professor Giorgio Rizzoni [Chair, FORD MOTOR COMPANY (USA)] in the area of hybrid EVs.
  • An Expert in analysis and performance monitoring of systems which involve energy storage, renewable energy, sustainability of smart grids.
  • [05/2007 – Date] 60+ world-class research publications which include:
    • 1 published Monograph
    • 10 published IEEE/IET Transactions/Journals
    • 5 working IEEE Transactions
    • 2 published ElSevier Journals
    • 3 published Springer Journals
    • 20+ published peer-reviewed Conferences
  • [04/2019] Judge Panelist of Design Project Competitions and IEEE Student Day.
  • [01/2013 – Date] Research Supervision:
    • 5 M.S students in the field of filtering, estimation and power systems.
  • [12/2011 – Date] Best Innovative Idea Award- Saudi Research Conference.
  • [06/2010 – Date] Nominated for Best Paper Award, IEEE CASE, Canada.
  • [06/2009 to 08/2012 – Date] Won FULL PhD research scholarship from Ministry of Petroleum.
  • [06/2007 to 04/2009 – Date] Won FULL MSc research scholarship from Ministry of Petroleum.
  • [01/2007 – Date] Distinction Certificate from ASME.
  • [12/2010 – Date] Reviewer of:
    • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
    • IEEE Transactions on Neural Network & Learning Systems
    • IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems
    • American Control Conference (ACC)
    • Conference on Decision and Control (CDC)
    • IEEE Systems Journal
  • [02/2018] Technical Committee Chair (Seven Conferences) – ASET, Dubai, UAE.
  • [06/2009 – Date] Poster Session Referee- ICINCO, Milan, Italy
  • [04/2009 – Date] Program Chair- 5th IEEE GCC Conference& Exhibition, Kuwait City, Kuwait.
  • [06/2008 – Date] Session Organizer- WISC, KFUPM, Dhahran, KSA.

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    Funded Projects

    • Co-Principal Investigator – Energy Storage Technology-Based  DC Grid System: A Route to Power Line Communication [An Internal Grant] – [2019-Present]
    • Principal Investigator – Health Monitoring and Cyber-Attack Immunity of EV’s Energy Storage System [An Internal Grant] – [2017-Present]
    • Mitigating Inter-Area Oscillations in Power Systems [An Internal Funded Project – MM2014-000002] – [2013 to 2016]
    • Oil Permeability Analysis in ARAMCO [NSTIP Funded Project with Dr. Rahim] – [2012 to 2013]
    • Pipeline Leak Detection for Jeddah Residential Districts [Project with Dr. Doraiswami] – [2010 to 2011]
    • Distributed Estimation [A DSR Funded Project- RG1105-1] – [2009 to 2012]
    • Interconnected Systems [A DSR Funded Project- IN00018] – [2009 to 2012]
    • Fault Detection, Isolation & Prognosis [A DSR Funded Project- IN101027] – [2009 to 2011]
    • Fault Diagnosis [A SABIC Fast Track Research Funded Project- SB100016] – [2007 to 2009]

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